WLED on ESP32 with 9 segments that should "wipe on"


I am used to WLED but quite new to discourse, so if my question is wrong here, please feel free to advice how to do it.

I have WLED 0.14.1 (build 2401141) running at a ESP32 with 9 connected WS281x led stripes, each 35 led in a row. each stripe is connected to a separate GPIO. It was not possible to chain the stripes due to a physical limitation. each stripe is mounted under a stair (whole staircase has 9 stairs).

I would like to do the following effect: wipe the first stair beginning from the middle of the stair and then keep this stair solid on. then the same with the second stair wipe on then solid and so on until all stairs are solid on.

When switching it off, same procedure in the reverse way.

The problem is, it I can not control the wipe effect by the JSON-API properly. The first effect is starting in the middle, and then beginning from the second until the last, the wipe effect is starting in different positions of the stripe.

When I trigger the wipe with a delay of approx 3 seconds from one stair to the next it is working fine, but as soon as I decrease the delay the randomly start occurs.

The “tb: 0” attribute is included in the command for every stair.

Any ideas how to solve this issue?