WLED on NodeMCU v3 loses config when unpowered

Is it normal for wled on a v3 NodeMCU to lose its config if the NodeMCU is not powered?

Would it be possible to change that without adding something to the hardware?


I’ll try that. But it is not really answering my problem in this thread , rather another problem where I opened another thread.

This problem here is about NodeMCU losing the config when not on power.

you’re right. posted into wrong thread of yours, probably because of the “NodeMCU v3” part.

the config should not be lost, because it’s stored in EEPROM/FLASH.
did it actually got stored? does it survive a reboot?

Thanks for the detail questions. The actual settings seem to be stored. what gets lost is the segment setup and the last enabled effects and palettes.

afaik, that’s not a feature. you may store an effect in a pattern and load that on boot.
segments are limited to slot 16.

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Thanks that’s good to know. Now its documented for the next rookie who wonders.

It’s in the wiki. :wink:

Please tell me, I still do not understand. After I turn off the power completely, then it starts up somehow differently. I am from Ukraine, and I read your messages, just like I write my own, with the help of a google translator. But he does not translate everything, unfortunately. We wrote above that the segments are limited to slot 16, what does this mean? I have 115 presets, and they all work in a loop, but after turning off the power, some kind of failure occurs. I apologize if the translation is not very correct (
But this does not always happen, sometimes everything is ok.

In older versions of wled, you could only store segments into slot 16.

If you want something to start at boot, you need to specify that slot/preset in LED Preferences.

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