WLED // Physicial Switch // Home Assistant //

I am currently renovating my home office and have it set up with a gazillion LED’s using WLED and a DIGQUAD! :sweat_smile:

I would like to install a physical switch to turn the lights on and off at the entry door.

I have read that I could use an Aqara switch but I would need a hub.

What would be the best option to keep it simple and maybe have the functionality to select certain presets on entering the office?

The DIGQUAD is on the other side of the room about 4 meters away. I could wire it up to the controller but would rather not have to connect it physically.

I would also like to integrate it with Home Assistant, which I haven’t used yet.

Any suggestions would be amazing…

A crude, but simple option would be to put in one of those wireless wall switches that drives a relay.
Could also be a remote clicker style.

You can either use that to power the Digquad on and off via the AC wall version, or get one that has free relay(s) and wire those contacts to a GPIO(s).

And of course this leads to setting up an IR or Wizremote for control…

Well what you have read about Aqara ( technically anything from Xiaomi ) is the best cost effective option and very much solid . The hub can cost as little as $30 which I have two and can connect and control a lot of switches and sensors . Take that route and you will not regret that

Thanks mate, I will get me one! So, I do need a hub? I have read conflicting info regarding if its needed or not and the website isn’t too clear regarding this.

Yes you need a hub unless you will be using wifi based devices which are a bit on the expensive side and not practical compared to ble or zigbee

Just looked for the same one i get before and i see its now $50 , so might be look for a kit that has some switches and sensor beside the hub if you are looking for value , if i was in your place though for renovating a home i would invest on this and get the latest version since you have already home assistant which works in a nice way with Xiaomi hw ( you could still use it without HA if you like and do the automation …etc in its own app )

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It will be used for wifi only I think, It will only communicate with home assistant to control the LED’s

Sorry i am not following , what do you mean “It will be used for wifi only” you mean wled ?

I’m still getting my head around this automation stuff, sorry. I need to control my WLED lights from a physical switch which can be controlled via wifi or Bluetooth. The aqara uses a ZigBee protocol to communicate to it’s own hub, correct?

I would like a switch on the wall without the requirement for a hub.

No problem it is okay , then might be start by locating the exact switch you like to use keeping in mind that if it is wifi then you do not need a hub to use it with home assistant ( you can not control wled directly with the switch without home assistant ) .

The ZigBee , BLE and z-wave are the ones listed from efficiency point of view but wifi is also there and some are reasonable in price like the example below ( please look for one you like and make sure to read a bit on the reviews for it ) if you will order from amazon then you are covered for easy return so just order one and test it

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An ESP-NOW wall switch will allow you to directly control your WLED controller,
but I don’t know if there is a commercial one.
I only know (and tested) the wizmote, but may be there are Wiz Connected wall switches that will do the same work.
There is always the DIY option…