Is WLED the right choice for lighting my model?

I’m looking for some confirmation that I’m going down the right path before I fully dive into WLED.

What I’m trying to do: Light a model with individual or groups of LEDs and connect that to Home Assistant to give it some smarts. The model will probably have around two dozen LEDs when complete that I’ll want to control in various levels of detail - mostly on off, dim and a few effects here and there.

What I already have: Home Assistant is already running in my house with WLED control installed. I have an ESP8266 board that’s already flashed and ready with WLED. I have a collection of WS2811 NeoPixel LEDs and all the stuff to wire them together. Then I’d use segments to control the various LEDs around the model that would in turn tie into Home Assistant. Right?

Something about this seems like I’m trying to put a square peg in a round hole but this also feels like the right solution that won’t require me to learn how to code an Arduino. I want to work on the wiring, lighting, automation, not coding.

Is this the right solution?


Maybe? There is only support for up to ten segments as of now.

True, but if some of those segments can handle multiple LEDs the limitation should be fine I think.

Absolutely. You can have as many LEDs in a segment as you want.