WLED Serial connection for Ambient Light Application

Hi, according to github it should be possible to connect Ambient Light Application (Ambient light Application for Android | Adaptive background lighting for Android devices) with WLED - but how do i need to configure it ?

I have my WLED connected via USB and the AAA App shows “USB Serial Conncted” but also “LED Strip not connected”

I am also attempting this without success.
I override it with the desktop Ambibox app, but the AMBIENT LIGHT APPLICATION FOR ANDROID does not connect
I am using a Wemos D1 mini.

Has anyone managed to successfully use this setup?

Looks like it was a timing issue,
the WLED firmware sends the “Ada” magic word once, but the AAA app does not trigger a restart when it connects to the serial port. this made the app not read the magic word.
A simple workaround is to send the magic word at some interval
Just add
t = millis();
if((t - lastAckTime) > 1000) {
Serial.print(“Ada\n”); // Send ACK string to host
lastAckTime = t; // Reset counter
at the end of wled_serial.cpp and it works

Thanks and great to read this. I will try it next year !

could you please show, where i need to insert this peace of code ? I am not sure. And i think i must declare lastAckTime somewhere ?

got it to work with

  uint32_t t = millis();
  uint32_t lastAckTime;
  if((t - lastAckTime) > 1000) {
    Serial.print("Ada\n"); // Send ACK string to host
    lastAckTime = t; // Reset counter