WLED to HomeKit

I know this has probably been asked before but is it possible to add your WLED setup to HomeKit?

Sadly not directly . I seen few guys trying to do that in forks that is stale .
If you want basic control might be look at using shortcuts with simple api calls

I am so late for this Reply,But Trust me - My Reply would surely help you .You can definitely connect WLED to Homekit.I just found it recently.Isn’t it amazing.
Although , No direct ways possible - But Trustworthy WLED integrations are available.
So , Until WLED gives some Homekit compatible device - alternatives will help us. I read it here - and though might help you guys too -https://connecthomekit.com/how-to-connect-wled-to-homekit/How to Connect WLED to Homekit ? 6 Best Ways - Connect Homekit