WS281x Random Light Sequence at low brightness

Hi All,

I’ve wired up some Govee Permanent lights via WLED - and all appears to be working - apart from when I attempt to run them at anything below half brightness - if I go less than 50% then I get bulbs changing colours at random intervals. I’ve tried a logic board to boost the data signal - but ironically made it worse.

I’ve got an ESP32 with two strips connected - one is working fine on GPIO4 - but the other on 16 is the problematic one.

Any ideas where I can start to troubleshoot this strange behaviour?


A couple thoughts.
1st, maybe you have crappy lights.

you could have a bad board.
You can reset the frequency on the board.

These LEDS work on the same principle to get to brightness. They operate on PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) which means their brightness is determined by how long they are on vs how long they are off.
So, if they malfunction on “brightness” it’s really a malfunction of how fast the LED is reacting to the signal. It could also be how fast they ramp up from an off state. Since they only light when powered, they are assumed to be “off” until otherwise signaled to turn on (and for how long).
A low power source would do this. Make sure you’re running a full 12v for a 12v system or 5v for a 5v system. That’s where I’d start.

Hi there - I managed to sort this out by re-crimping the connectors, I suspect I had a dodgy ground wire in the end.