Wt32-eth01 GPIO12 problem

Hi All that’s my first post here, I hope section is ok…
So, I made my first Pcb in easyEDA that is a very simple wt32 WLED shield with four led outputs:

IO 2 = port 1
IO 4 = port 2
IO 12=port 3
IO 14=port 4

The problem is that when I connect the IO 12 of the wt32 WLED not start. Without IO12 and with all the other port IO 2-4-14 connected to the respective Pcb pin the wt32 starts without problem.

Does Anyone have an idea of what can I do?

Now I have removed the IO 12 pin and jumpered IO 15 for use the controller port and it works.

Thank you all!

IO 12: boot fails if pulled high, strapping pin

Sorry but I don’t understand, what I need to do?

I would avoid using IO12

"Testable: Is IO12 the culprit?
On WT32-ETH01, the only bootstrap pin of interest is IO12 (MTDI), as it can cause the voltage supplied to the internal flash to be too low if it reads high.

On the WT32-S1, the schematic shows that IO12 is left floating, with a trace bringing the pin to the exposed header, so only the internal pull-down is keeping the signal low. If you have connected IO12 to a peripheral, then perhaps the peripheral is holding the line high and/or there’s too much capacitance to drain quickly enough for boot?"