ESP01 wiring and boot


Been using WLED for a while (awesome product) )and wanted to get a few ESP01’s connected to circular ws2812’s (12 leds). I have written the firmware and when booting can set everything up. Once I connect the ws2812 to the ESP01 - on GPIO02 - the esp01 would not boot anymore.

I have checked online and my google foo is not good - so was wondering how this is done?

Once the ESP01 is booted up - I can plug in the ws2812 and it’ll work. Any power cuts or restarts end up with the ESP01 failing to boot.

Can someone point me to how I can get these 2 items to work together?


ESP8266 gpio2 should not be LOW during boot.

Thanks. How do I do that? Capacitor? Resistor?

Thanks for the help

You can use a WLED controlled relay if you really must use GPIO2. When WLED is off, Relay is off. On power up, WLED has not yet turned on the relay, so the GPIO2 is not low.

Thanks the the reply.

I’ve managed to get it working by adding 2 pull up 10k resistors. Linking 3v3 and the Enable and GPIO2 pins.

Leaving this here for future members.


Excellent way to work around the boot up issue.