In my kitchen I currently have an analogue LED strip running under cabinets. They are powered/controlled in the middle, behind the range hood as this is where the power is. There is a y-splitter out of the contoller and there are two strips, one going to the left, and one to the right.

I’m interested in replacing the strips with some SK6812 strips with white LEDs and controlling through WLED, but am I right in assusing I can’t y-split the data line for addressable LEDs?

What is the best way to handle this? For the control to go in one direction, I’d need to have a wire come back the whole length of one of the strips (about 1.5m), plus the distance between each side of the range hood (another 60cm+). Would I be better off just running 2x ESPs in the middle and treating each side as a seperate strip/instance of WLED and syncing them?

Sure you can. These days, you can even use two pins and drive each. :wink:

Or you connect both Strips to same data pin, but then they Are “mirrored” and you can not configure them seperatly.