2 different LED types an different color order

Is it possible to set 2 different LED strips with different types and different color order for the build? For example, channel 1 = WS281x and channel 2 = WS2814 with RGB?
Can I set this somehow?
I can manage the pin assignment for the outputs, but unfortunately I can’t currently set the settings at build.
Do you have any help for me?

That can certainly be done in a live version of WLED through the config.

I know the topic of changing the default loads has come up in the past.
Perhaps the simplest solution would be to save a config with the changed settings and load that on fresh installs?

How many boards are you talking about building?

In principle, this should work, but I am also concerned with the point that if you perform a reset, all settings are then directly available again and do not have to be loaded first.
I would therefore like to be able to set these as the default.

okay I found the settings for:


Now I still need only the swap for WS2814 then I have everything together. Maybe you can help me with this. Unfortunately I haven’t found anything in the forum.