WLED - cannot change LED type/LED count

Hey, new to WLED. I setup a test with a 93 LED circular WS281X type config. Added segment count to dashboard as well. Now I wanted to try a different strand - WS2812B with 300 LED count. When I change the LED count in Preferences, save and reboot it just reverts. Additionally, when I try to change LED segment count it immediately reverts back to 93. I even tried adding another strand on a different pin. Oddly it took but the count was 93. I am lost here on if I am doing something wrong. I installed the latest version

I’d try the most recent v0.13-b3 build.
I remember starting with some of the v0.12 builds some “weird” effects with saving configurations.
If I recall correctly there were issues with corrupting the internal file system.

I’d load a recent version and wipe the device. Save your presets if necessary or rebuild from scratch.
The v0.13 builds seem to be quite stable, just waiting for the feature-creep to end so we can get a new stable release (no complaints here!).

Thanks! that fixed all my issues.

Glad to hear it helped.
Hopefully that’s one more vote towards updating the latest stable version :wink:

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