2 strand problem

Just replaced 2 QuinLED DIG-uno boards with a QuinLED-32 quad board. I have it connected to two separate led strands as my Christmas lights. One strands goes one way on the house and the other goes the other direction. I connected one to data port 1 and the other to data port 2. There are about 300 leds to each strand. I cannot get the wled program to recognize both strands at the same time. If I setup for 1 strand, one side works, but not the other. When I try to add the second strand, the opposite strand works, bu not the first strand. I am assuming. I am not setting up the second strand correctly. Any help would be appreciated.

It would help if you could post a pic of your LED Preferences page.

Another thing, make sure your segments are correct in segments from the main GUI.

You need to either disable the brightness limiter or increase it’s value. You can’t power 600ish pixels with 850mA

Your pic also only shows having 1 output programmed. You need to click the + and add a 2nd with GPIO 3 for LED2 on the Quad.

See if that gets things working :wink:

Thanks for your expertise. Both strands are now working.

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