24v strip: 12v works, changing adapter to 24v fails

I have a 24V strip and an ESP32-WROOM-32 attached to it. For voltage I use a 24v adapter and a DC to DC converter. I convert the incoming voltage to 5v. And I have the led strip attached to the incoming voltage directly. Whenever I attach the 24v adapter the strip lights up white and only the first ‘pixel’ (a group of 6 leds) gets the color I set in WLED.

Whenever I use exactly the same setup same ESP32, same DC to DC converter, but I use a 12v adapter… everything works as expected. The leds are just very dim, especially the blue.

I’m using the correct side of the strip as it is the same side the official Govee (Realtek chip) controller was connected to.

Is that converter good with 24v?

You likely need a level shifter.

Yes I’ve measured the voltage coming out and I set it exactely to 5v. The voltage coming out of the adapter is 23.9v.

The dc to dc converter is this:

I will try the level shifter as well. I ordered some. Makes sense and the documentation says something about this as well. So I could’ve known.

Make sure you get one that will work. :wink:

All I have right now is a few TXS0108E’s. Doesn’t seem to be working, I’ll get one from the supported list.

That is one of the supported ones. :wink:

So I tried a few things and it seems to be working when I use GPIO 2 instead of 16, which is great! It now at least changes to the color I set WLED to. Thank you so far :slight_smile:

But I do still have some flickering when I set it to a solid color. Feels like noise on the line. Is there anyway to remedy this? I already have a 1000uF capacitor on the VCC and Ground of the led strip.

Make sure the levelshifter is shifting up to 5V only, the data line is always 5V regardless of the supply voltage.

Also make sure you don’t have any floating inputs on the shifter.

I have the 3.3v connected on the VA side and the 5v connected to the VB side. That’s the right way correct?

That’s the right voltages as long as B goes to the strip and A goes to the MCU.

In that case I did it correctly. And it seems to be working fine now as well. Haven’t seen the glitchy flickering in a while either. So might have been a connection problem.

Thanks for the help