Govee H619A IC type?

Does anyone know what kind of IC is used in the govee H619?
Govee RGBIC LED Strip Lights With Protective Coating

It doesn’t say on the IC and I can’t seem to control the strip with any of the LED types in WLED. Whichever one I choose, the strip does either nothing, goes full white or starts flickering.

I’m using a ESP32.

Ok so to answer my own question. The IC is a WS281x type. I just had to use a level shifter to get the led strip to work. It did only work when I used GPIO 2 on the ESP32 though and I still have some flickering.

What shifter are you using?
Make sure you have no floating inputs and a bypass capacitor.
You should be able to use any valid GPIO on the ESP32, try #4,13, or 16.
Make sure you change your strip config in WLED to match your GPIO choice.
What ESP32 are you using?

The problem has been solved in the other thread: 24v strip: 12v works, changing adapter to 24v fails - Hardware - WLED

At the time I had the problem with two different 24v strips, but the solution ended up being the same.