5V high power PSU IP67

Has anybody found a 5V 200 - 400W PSU with IP67 rating ?

A quick search on Amazon found: https://www.amazon.com/Constant-Voltage-Rainproof-Transformer-Converter/dp/B07G7S44CW

I think you would be better off with an enclosure and a regular power supply though.

Hi Jinx

Thanks, obviously I couldn’t find it, doesn’t ship to Germany.
Also is 110V.
But how do I get the heat out of the enclosure ? The enclosure then also needs breather valves.
I did that quite often already. Always ends up with a rather large box.

Ah, sorry I didn’t know you were outside the USA.

Yea a regular power supply will require a larger box, I don’t think you would need huge vents. If you happen to have or know someone with a 3d printer I am sure you could likely find an stl file for vents or maybe be able to find some on ali express (not sure if they ship to you) here is an example of small printed vents https://www.etsy.com/listing/1432271720/the-dome-enclosure-vent-with-bug-guard.

@harueg Hi welcome
BETTER to use a High performence MEANwell PSU and a sealed IP67 CASE
you can find this Cases in any Homedepo or maschining shop that sells for Craftsmen

@harueg GERMAN am besten du nimmst sehr gute und zuverlässige meanwell netzteile und i9m Baumarkt gibt es dann auch Wetterfeste boxe die ausreichend luft zur kühlung haben sollten !

Ehh seriously 400 watt??

80 Ampère… You need 16 mm^2 wire… :scream: