Looking for equipment enclosures, but only found enclosures pre filled with power supplies and controller. I’m looking for empty weatherproof box to place my power supply, WLED device, fuses, and etc.

check for "project box " in aliexpress or amazon .
I ordered from there but if you need only one then check your local electric supply store they would have many shapes

If you want a temporary enclosure, consider a plastic bin with an overlapping and locking cover. Use the same cable glands for cable entries to maintain waterproof. You can paint matte black. If you need a sub-panel to house components, pegboard or thin board will do the job.

If it’s permanent, ignore everything I just suggested.

FYI, my holiday QuinLED Dig-Quad is inside a plastic bin with black-painted-cover and has kept water out over several rains this holiday season. Power supply is also working great inside the bin.

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Further to the idea of quasi-temporary enclosure, adding a simple rain hood or “dog house” over the box can keep most of the rain/snow off and reduce your problems to humidity rather than flood control.

I’ve had good luck with simple ziploc freezer baggies over SP511e controllers and/or RS485 Rx mounted in trees.
I enclose the connectors and controller together and make sure the opening is downward so it doesn’t fill with water. I don’t try and make a perfect seal, just keep the rain and snow off.

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I bought these from Amazon - 10 Pieces Plastic Waterproof Boxes Junction Case Electronics Project Enclosure Compatible

They were the perfect size to create some simple controllers using an ESP8266 and ElectroCookie:

You are 100% right , I used tupperware from IKEA and its the best and very cheap . I will paint it now just because you said so although I like to see the MCU inside . Sometimes the solution is in the house for free but we have to go buy expensive stuff .

I would really recommend recycling old plastic containers like you said but not for outdoors


My particular container would be fine for short term outdoor. However, for long-term, it needs a bit more work to handle the moisture from temperature and humidity changes (Dew). I did spread clear nail polish over the QuinLED Dig-Quad and ESP32 controller boards, and used an outdoor rated DC supply, plus used marine duty heat shrink on connections. Plenty I can do for its next use outside.