Not strictly WLED but...Can anyone reccommend a case/power & data splitter for an ESP8266 board?

I’m new to WLED and have a pretty simple setup working on a breadboard. I’m using an EPS8266 on a NodeMCU board and I’m only powering about 10 LEDs on 2 small NeoPixel Jewel units. Now that it’s all working as hoped I’d like to figure out a case to house my control board, as well as how best to split power/data lines to my LEDs. I’m aware the data lines can be daisy-chained from board to board, but I’d rather run them individually for neatness.

Does anybody know of a case or similar way to easily house a controller board, as well as splitting my power/data lines to multiple LED units??

Up to 4 strips using a single ESP32, I suggest the QuinLED DigQuad because it offers fused protection for each strip, distribution terminals for multiple power injection points, possibility for ethernet on ESP32 or external antenna. If you want to see more about it, visit @Quindor at to see more. He also has several excellent YT videos for it. He also has the QuinLED DigUno which can easily support 2 or more strips but you have to provide your own power distribution. A single fuse is provided to protect all connected strips - provided the power runs through the device - which is what it’s designed for.

Have you looked at thingiverse or other online 3D printable resource? Or aliexpress for inexpensive plastic housings? Don’t try metal housings unless you choose ethernet or external antenna.

Hmm. The wiki says ten strips for ESP32.

Thanks, I’ve seen that DigQuad around but wondered if it really offers that much more for a project of my size than just twisting together wires to split power/data…?? If that’s even permissable? I don’t feel like dropping more $$ on another product at this point, so if it was a case as well then I might consider it.

I have had one or two Thingiverse things made so yeah maybe I’ll look for a case on there too.