Powering a wemos d1 pro

I tried this before and it ended up with a dead wemos.

So a have a 5v 20amp PSU.

I want to power both the d1 Pro and stripes of PSU.

So I wired the 5v on the wemos to the 5v on the psu and ground to the negative on The psu…

And then the pixel + to the 5v psu and then - to the - on the psu…

= smoking wemos…


You connected something wrong. Double-check everything.

Never thought to double check, never thought to pull a multi meter either… :roll_eyes:

So since it wasn’t wired wrong… is the d1 mini Pro wired different to a d1 mini? There Aliexpress wemos so probably a clone, anything odd between brands?

If you are trying to use WLED, you will need a custom compile to use the D1 Mini Pro which has 16MB RAM vs 4MB RAM for the D1 Mini.

Just out of curiosity : what voltage did you measure over the 5V-GND of the D1?
Is it exactly 5V?
Also do not underestimate voltage spikes. Protect your pins/board with a capacitor, for example. Never simply connect it to a power supply if that can bring more than the board specs require

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I’ve used the standard compile and it’s ran fine…

I’ll wire up a fried board and let you know, it was a while ago it went up in smoke.

I only had a few pixels hooked up to it when I wired it. So would be shocked if a voltage spike.

This is what I did