Power a wemos d1 and pixels of the same supply?


How do I Power a wemos d1 and pixels of the same 5v supply? I tried connecting 5v directly to the 5v pin and it smoked…

Connect the LEDs to the supply, not the ESP. :wink:

I did.

So 5v to the pixels from supply and 5v to the wemos.

It went pop.

Then you have something wired wrong. Share a pic or a sketch of what you tried.

You likely have a short then. Could be a stray stand of wire where you soldered or pads touching the aluminum channel.

Just made this for my new teammate. Maybe it helps to get a better understanding about the powering options (corrections and additions welcome :wink:


Neat visualization :slight_smile: I personally use option 4 most of the time, but you need to take care that USB should not be connected while powering the setup. If you need USB for flashing/debug, the 5V between ESP and supply + LEDs must be disconnected.