Wemos D1 Clone Data Line Voltage

I have a Wemos D1 Clone and a WS2811 12V stripe.
I installed WLED in different ways. Browser tool and flash download tool. Every version where ESP8266 should be fine.
If i configure a gpio (D2 / D4 but also some others) i have everytime ~0 Volt on this. Is this normal? If i measure at another pin i have ~3.3V. Also i am not able to control anything from the stripe. Color is everytime white. Ground is bridged. Tried it with and without resitor. With and without levelshifters. But in my opinion the levelshifter can not work if i have no volatage on this pin. Or do i miss here anything?

You cannot judge whether an output is sending a digital signal correctly with a voltage measurement. An oscilloscope would be required to inspect the signal. Some older WS2811 revisions may require you to use the 400kHz LED type instead of WS281x.
Have you checked the orientation of the strip? Data can only flow in one direction, typcially marked with arrows.
In a very rare case, the first LED/IC may be damaged. Try a different D1 or a different stripe, or if possible, cut the first LED(s).

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Hi, thanks a lot for your reply :slight_smile:
To be honest i already did the fault with direction with hyperion :wink: So this time i learnd a little bit. I am using the other part with a Raspi and hyperion. Here it works.
And i had the same mind. I cut off the first three leds. No luck.
I think another Wemos D1 mini would be the next try…