Cannot get WLED to work with WS2811


I’ve been using WLED for most of this year for a lot of light based projects. However, I’ve always used the 2812B strips and they’ve been a flawless plug and play. For an upcoming project that needed pixels in multiples of 3, I decided to use the 2811 strips.

However, I can not get them to work at all. I have a 12v supply connected to a step down converter that gives 5v for the wemos and the D4 pin is connected to the data pin of the strip. 12v/GND is connected to the +ve and -ve terminals of the strip.

There’s no signal. All the LEDs are pure white which I understand is the default for the 2811 strips. My wifi detects the WLED signal and I can get into it and change settings and everything but nothing I do works. The grounds for the wemos and for the led strip are connected too.

I have used a level shifter as well and that doesn’t seem to work either

If I unplug everything and just straight up connect a 2818b strip to the step down converter/D4 pin it works flawlessly. It’s just the 2811 that’s not working

Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

2811 works flawlessly on my megatree.
It must be your set-up.
Use a reputable controller board like @srg74 Wemos shield or @Quindor Dig-Uno.

That doesn’t sound right to me.
Are you saying that if you apply just power and no data connection at all you get all white?
Where did you get that WS2811 strip, can you reference the orginal specs?