WS2811 after WS2812B doesn't work

I have 135 LEDs on a strip (WS2812B) and I bought a string of WS2811 LEDs…connecting the signal from the LED strip to the LED string (wires) worked just fine. One of the LEDs were bad on the LED string and being brand new I asked for a replacement… I received a diff set of WS2811 LEDs with a weird signal connector with a white and green wire (not sure why). I’m able to connect the newer WS2811 directly to nodemcu and control it but it will NOT work being fed by the WS2812B strip like the original WS2811 that I received. The pictures show both.
Note both are 5V
Why and what to do ? Thanks !!

this is what i ordered

No reason it should not work as long as you have enough power. And you are connecting the correct wires to each other.

I’m sure of the wiring.
The configuration is a tree with 135 led strip feeding into a star with 20 led string.
If I connect the nodemcu to input of 20 led string I can control if fine.
If I connect the tree to the star nothing turns on. I have ensured that the led config is larger than strip.
If I disconnect the signal to the star, (power still supplied) the LEDS turn on white.

Do you have power directly to the star?

You may need to inject if not.

Hi , yes I ran power to end of tree and connection to star…
thanks !

may be
a timing problem
400 - 800 khz stream freaquency i call it
2812b =800 khz
2811 = 400 khz
so in one chain i would try to change position of strips
slowest as input and faster behind the slowest ( the slow strip defines system frequency )
2812 work on both frequencies 2811 not ( if i not wrong )
try it that way
and have a look to the scetch to define the right frequency depending to your strip
or use 2 output pins
thats just an idea how i would try it
good luck and happy colourfull lights

and make shure u have the minus connected all to the same minus strip a and strip b aswell as the controller
why ? because also data needs minus from all clients cause if not no data transfer !!!

so i had a look at the data sheets
ws 2812b 5v
ws 2811 12v
so if i not wrong there are 2 diferent voltages
that means 2 power supplies one for 5v one for 12v
controller and 2812 take 5 volt
ws 2811 takes 12volt
for wiering that mean all connected components have to be connected to 1 minus (all together)
2811 to + 12 volt
controller and 2812 to + 5 volt
the data stream is normally 5v on all devices
u can use a levelshifter
in practice i never used one cause 2812 tke also the signal ov 3.3v and work perfectly
( i have 7 different wled Lamps from 80-300 ws 2812 ( longest data cable 1meter) )
they all run fine whithout level shifting
and the rest is driven by the leds !
all i say has no guaranty if i not wrong
happy lights