5v WS2812b Wiring - Resistor/Cap & Multiple Channels

I am new to individually addressable LEDs, but found the YouTube videos by DrZzs and The Hook Up. I have basically purchased hardware based on The Hook Up videos including a NodeMCU and several WS2812b strips.

I had prototyped my board and was just getting ready to flash his code when I recalled in his “what would I do different” video this year he strongly suggested WLED instead. I have an IT background and am familiar with coding so I was following his program but decided to switch to WLED because of the various options for access seem easier.

I have two questions:

  1. I was thrown a loop when, on the WLED getting started wiki page they showed a resistor and a capacitor between the logic level shifter and the first LED. I tried the flash without them and only get 1 LED to light up. I don’t have my logic level shifter installed yet so maybe the reason. That comes tomorrow. But what are the resistor and capacitor for? Are they required? I don’t see anything about those on The Hook Up.
  2. Does WLED support multiple channels DIO pins? Everything I could find on the wiki only talks about 1 pin (D4). If so which pins and how do I configure them?


  1. Resistor is in series with the signal. You can cut one pixel off the end to create a level shifter. Instructions on that are searchable. I have not done it, but know it is an option. The capacitor is in parallel with the 5+ and GND to help buffer the power supply for when things are very dynamic.
  2. There is an alpha version available on QuinLED.info / Quindor’s setup, but it requires an ESP32. Most ESP8266 setups do not have the memory to drive multiple pins for general purpose WLED use.
  3. Welcome to the WLED community. This software is indeed awesome. Kudos to @Aircoookie as well as others lending a hand.