6 Segment/Preset VS 2 Segment/Preset

Clearly I am missing something on how the segment/presets work. Hoping for a little clarification. I don’t think I am searching the right phrase to find the answers

I have two strands that are on two different pins. (ESP32) All worked very well until I started setting up segments. Preset 3 “Idle Both” with make all LEDs respond as intended. If I chose a preset 6 “SV04 Print” it will activates 5 segments and the pattern works as designed. But from then forward is the issue. If I select 9 “SV04 Idle” it does not respond appropriately. If I select preset 3 “Idle Both” it does.

The goal is for the 5 segment preset to work then when I chose to go back to a 2 segment preset it will be able to do that. The “Idle Both” preset was created prior to “SV04 Print” while the “SV04 Idle” was created after. I have tried reset segments then remake the segments to respond accordingly. Results are the same.

What am I missing?