ESP32 Save presets for multiple strips independently

I’m running ver 2106302

Is there any easy (or other way) to setup presets for multiple strips on an ESP32 so they’re independent of each other?
As far as I can tell, the current implementation of multiple GPIO strips addresses them as one long string?

I have a setup with 275+ leds around the eaves of a square building along with 6 “coach lights” of 30 leds each across 3 doors AND 3 garden lights of 20 leds each.
Gives a total of 515 led’s on 3 separate GPIO’s.
I’d like to create some predefined color schemes for the seasons and or lighting effects, but if they’re effectively all in one big string, I have to come up with all the possible segment variations ahead of time and save them as separate presets?
Or am I missing something?

I created a simplified 2 GPIO setup
Total leds - 25
Strip1 Pin15 0-14, 15 Leds
Strip2 Pin2 15-24 , 10 Leds

I created segments for presets
Seg0 0-24 Black
Seg1 0-12
Seg2 15-24

I created 4 Presets
Seg1_CY Segment1 Cyan
Seg1_Rd Segment1 Red
Seg2_Blu Segment2 Blue
Seg2_PK Segment1 Pink

I can independently change the strips via presets, BUT I have to manually change the preset’s JSON string to simply ack the existence of the segment I’m not changing. Rather than loading only the piece I want to change the preset tends to save everything, including the current state of “unwanted” segment(s).

Is there a better way?