A button that turns on the previous preset

Hello everyone, dear friends. I want to make a car lighting project. LED 2815 . I added an IR remote control with which I can change presets. I want the running light effect to turn on when the turn signal is turned on, I implemented this with two physical buttons (in switch mode) and segments, everything works fine. How to make it so that when the button is turned off, the same preset that was before the turn signal is activated

@iskrovpavel fi you only got 2Presets
just connect the Button to a RESET and set the preset ypu want to go to STARTUP preset

need more than 2 presets. 2 can be easily done without a reset

@iskrovpavel The Pribios preet is onlyknow inside a playlist
So therfore you may need to compile a userversion with a VAR that holds the previus ID
then the Button press can display this preview