Add support for ESP mesh network

First let me express how much I appreciate this amazing software and all the contributors that have created it!

I would like to see support added for ESP mesh networking. The use case is for a series of controllers that extend beyond the reach of the main WiFi access point. For instance a property where the WiFi router is located in the house and there are a number of ESP controllers running WLED in the back yard extending away from the house and out of the range of the WiFi router. The user’s device that is connected to the house WiFi should be able to see and control the WLED controllers at the back of the yard which are connected to a WiFi mesh formed by the other ESP controllers. Ideally E1.31 streaming to WLED mesh nodes would be supported as well.

From my reading into the documentation of ESP-MESH, and painlessMesh, it’s apparent to me that these “WiFi” mesh networks do not provide TCP/IP addressing for the nodes in the mesh network, therefore the normal networking functionality of WLED will not work without modifying the messaging to work over the mesh networking protocol.

Please let me know if my understanding of the ESP mesh networking is correct and if this is a feasible feature request.


You should direct the request to ESP core programmers, not WLED.

If you want ESP (with WLED) to provide mesh network, it can barely handle LED updates. It does not have resources to handle mesh network.

I’m not asking WLED devs to build TCP/IP networking into the ESP mesh network. Yes, that would be very complex and probably asking too much of the hardware. ESP chips already have wireless mesh networking capabilities and code libraries. I believe painlessMesh even natively supports json messaging within the mesh. This is not something that WLED devs would need to build from the ground up. I’m asking if that mesh networking communication layer can be supported by WLED. It could even be a separate build if supporting the TCP/IP stack and ESP-MESH is too heavy to be combined in a single build… although we would need a build that would act as a bridge to send messages between the MESH-only nodes and the TCP/IP network…