Add a mesh network for multiple esp32

Hi guys, as I understand it. At the moment, you can only operate 2x separate strips on one esp32, and you are working on 8x…

My question is can we have a mesh network so we can have, say, 3x esp32 controlling their own strip, and one of them acts as the primary host so we can use one app to interact with multiple nodes?

This would be an excellent way to expand the use case, I think.


Chris l

Doesn’t the built in Sync functionality do that?

The idea was to change the individual nodes not as a group is tie anidentiy to them say left side of room one affect and a righthand side node with it’s own effect?

I could be missing something I’m new to wled I had been using a Chinese 8 channel controller

The built-in Sync feature could indeed be an option, you can also set it to only sync brightness and/or colors, but no effects.
With the WLED mobile app, you can list all devices and switch between them very easily, the new Instance List feature in WLED 0.12 will allow something similar for browser use, too.

Brilliant thanks, guys, for getting back to me.

One side question I was using an led (WS2813E) for a project with the feature where if one led dies, it will not take out the subsequent LEDs in the chain

Is there any that will be compatible with wled that are rgbw and continue to work if one dies feature? Apologies if this is too much of a tangent