All orange when turned on by a timed macro

I’m using a precompiled binary for v0.10.2.

I’ve got a string made up of two interleaved segments, one purple, one orange. So, its supposed to be orange, purple, orange, purple… I’ve saved the settings in preset 16 and I’ve configured WLED to use preset 16 as the default.

When I power the controller up the expected pattern appears on the string. If I turn it off using the “power” icon on the UI and then turn it on again I also get the expected orange/purple pattern.

However, when a timed macro (T=1) turns it on, its all orange and I have to load preset 16 manually to get things working as expected.

Should I be doing something differently?

I tried specifying the preset # as part of the macro, but it still comes up all orange.

I could reproduce the issue!
Segments and the HTTP API (macros) don’t go together that well yet.
What’s happened here is difficult to explain, but basically every HTTP API call will apply the primary color of the main segment (Segment 0 in 99% of cases) to all selected segments, even if the color wasn’t changed at all in that API request. This caused the color of Segment 1 to be set from purple to orange.

You can either select only Segment 0 in the segments page (checkmark left of the segment) and save that to preset 16 or set T=1&SS=0&SV=2 as the turn on macro. Both will workaround the issue :slight_smile:
Or you can use just a single segment with mode Running 2 at 0 speed and purple as Color 2 (or the Halloween mode).

All of these are of course only workarounds and will not fix the underlying issue, which I have yet to find a way to get rid of without breaking the (rudimentary) segment support of the HTTP API :smile:

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I’ll try using T=1&SS=0&SV=2 as the turn-on macro as that seems the most robust. If I’m understanding things right, I guess I should also add those options to the turn-off macro as well.

I’m guessing this is why I see similar behavior on another WLED instance that I was trying to control via a Homebridge plugin.