Time & Macros Timer Issue

Hello, I have been using WLED on a few Dig-Quad V1 12V, ESP32 D1 Minis with WS2811 for about 5 months. When running older version of WLED (0.11 or 0.11.1) I had no issues with presets turning on and off according to the time specified in the T&M table. Now, I am running WLED v 0.12 and 0.13.1b ( OTA updates) and the lights stay on for only 60 minutes even though they are programmed to run for 4 hours. I think it is something simple I am missing. Any help would be greatly appreciated. A typical program would be to turn on preset 2 (RGB Colorful, 0 Speed, full intensity) at 20 h every day of the week and then preset 1 (Off, T=0) at 24 h every day of the week. At 20 h the lights come on and at 21 h they turn off. I am not using T=1 to turn the lights on. Thanks, Dr.P.

Also, being a newbie, I incorrectly posted this as a separate issue (Time & Macros: Timing Error) how do I deleted separate issue? It says I do not have permission to delete.

Just finished testing this on three boards each loaded with a different version of wled (0.12.0, 0.12.1b, 0.13.0 - bo. The issue only occurs with the two beta versions not with 0.12.0. I will load this version on all boards and hopefully problem is solved.

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