Apple Homekit?

Can this or will this ever happen? That would be fantastic!

I think if you use HomeBridge to bridge devices of a wide range of types into HomeKit, you may find success. There may be other solutions out there. Also, with Apple opening up software solutions as HomeKit compatible, it makes it more possible than ever for a native ESP32 WLED solution directly. However, the homekit overhead might kill the idea. I simply do not know. Hopefully someone has attempted it and is not under NDA constraints to post their results.

Yeah since it works with Alexa, good chance it works using Homebridge. However, I was hoping for native compatibility.

Under NDA? Are you implying people can and do contact Apple or other companies for personal use of their code? ie siri/homekit for DIY projects?

I recall the requirements for becoming part of the Apple HomeKit community, part of which involved signing an NDA with Apple. This was years ago when Apple would require hardware widgets to have an Apple encryption mechanism of some sort. With Apple now allowing software widgets to work with homekit, I do not know if NDA’s are still required to join the official HomeKit community.