Are there any Xlights users here?

I am not an expert in anything but enjoy tinkering with esp8266 and Xlights. I have a Pi running Falcon. I have used some DMX controllers in the past mostly for on/off and dimming but never pixels. Am interested in hearing your experience with Wled and E1.31.

I am xlights user!

Have you had many issues connecting Wled devices to Xlights? I am just starting to work with this combo. Have Pi/Falcon unit running some older DMX switches. This seems like a much easier solution.

Yes I did have some various issues with the connection stability. I have not tried wled with xlights for 6 months.
If I remember I was having trouble when data would start to send wled would not start displaying it automatically. I had to go to the web page for wled and click on things. I plan to try again But have not done so yet. FYI My fix was to use espixel stick.

What issues are you having?

I have not been able to get them to works. Did you change any settings in wled to make it work? I can get Falcon to see the device but nothing happens when I send to it.

I was able to make it work but issues like this were similar to what I faced. I was used to espixel stick which just starts accepting data.

Wled required power to be on as well as a few other things. I don’t remember it has been quite some time.

I want to try the latest release but since I mostly stream from xlights wled has more than what I need. I love all the effect but if xlights has issues than its a no go for me.

The Latest release of Wled is fantastic . It is the first release that I managed to get use of
user mods with .
I don’t use xlights or FPP but I do know a little about holiday lighting and e1.31 .

My first question is what pixel type/protocol are you using ?
Did you use a WLED.bin or Source files to load Wled on your device ?

Some settings tips that may help .
Be sure to save each selected settings .

You need to make sure your Wifi settings are correct .
Ip(static) and in range ,subnet and gateway . You may want to change the AP channel also , channel 1 seemed to be a trouble spot for me .

Make sure you select multicast (preferred) if that is what your broadcasting from your FPP.
Aslo select the correct Start Universe # for the e1.31 you are sending.Default is #1

LED Preferences ->
set the correct # of pixels
Disable the Auto brightness if you are using a good external power supply ,
or adjust it to suit your needs .
set the color order of your pixels .

If you are powering the pixels and device from a single/same source , v+ and v- from the supply go to the device | data & gnd from the device to the pixels | v+ from the supply to the pixels .
Also make certain of the device data pin you select .
good luck .

I just tested the 0.10.2 version! It is working great with xlights. I am now able to have it setup like I want!

More testing and learning the interface, but I can say Wled is a go! Thanks @Aircoookie seem to have fixed all the minor issues I had last season!!!