Athom 15W bulb - OTA update

Hi all,

I think I flashed a wrong version last time because when I want to OTA update my bulb I get:

Not implemented

OTA updates are disabled in this build.

I know that all Athom bulb have 2MB memory, did I flash the 1MB? Is there a way to flash the latest version of WLED? Now it is stuck on 0.13.0-b6 (build 2112080)

You then need to serially flash it with a 2M bin.

No other option then open it up? I’m not sure if the pins are available.

No and they are. I screwed up and had to do it once. :smiley:

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Ooh, Just got to my lamp and this is the 7w version. Do you have a pin layout? Can’t find it.

Also the pin that are available are very small.

It’s on their site. Yes, it’s a pain. Don’t do that again! :smiley:

Then you sire are Sherlock Holmes! I searched this afternoon and now for an hour!
Any directions or link?

Their site seems broken right now. :frowning: I can’t pull up any products.

What site do you mean? is working for me.

Started working, but I guess they moved it? I found something here.

I found that post to, but does it make sense to you what the pinout is?
They are talking about desoldering.

Did you use these pins? I wanted to solder small wires to these pins. But what is what?

That’s a connector and you just unplug the LED board (pull out). See pic.