Audioreactive esp-32-c3-wroom

Is it possible to have the audioreactive usermod on the esp32 c3 wroom?

I hope so, I just bought a whole bunch of them. Programming should be the same as…

The C3 only has a single core processor. Best to use regular Esp32’s

I really don’t see why people keep buying the C3/S2’s They are better than an 8266 but not as good as the regular Esp32.

Price point.
S2 can be bought for the price that may be lower than ESP8266. I haven’t had such success with C3 but it can be bought in the form of ESP01 for those that need it.

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For me it is the form factor. The ESP32 C3 mini (or ‘supermini’) is the smallest devkit-like module with integrated USB connector and easily solderable.
Together with the low cost, that makes these ideal to integrate into and replace the controller of existing ‘RGB LED smart’ stuff.
I managed to compile C3-SR with the instructions on For the small number of LEDs in the ‘smart stuff’, it works fine.

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Yes it worked fine also for me with compiling on gh , did not test it with an actual digital mic but only for audio sync . The one i tested with digital mic is s2 and also works fine