ESP32-C3 Sound Reactive WLED: is it possible?

Hello everyone,
I would like to develop a new board, adding BLE functionality to WLED.
I saw that expressif has released new chip, like the ESP32-C3 that has Wi-Fi plus Bluetooth.
I’m trying to figure out the right pinout connection. May you help me?

Not ready due to luck of libraries support.

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Ok, thanks.
could it be possible to use this module with the wi-fi connection only, than try to develop bluetooth?

By the way, I saw that also ESP32-WROOM-32E has BLE support, so I will definitively use this module for my project.
I am studying the pinout because I would like to connect the LEDs and the MIC to different PINs than those used in the LedBoxV2 project.

Is it possible to use different PINs for boot0 switch?
Is also possible to use PINs for MEMS microphone that are closer one to each other, to route them better?


Reset and boot mode switches can’t be reassigned.