Audioreactive twin ESP32 WLED in percussion

I just finished my audioreactive wled system. It is a twin ESP32, where the first one gets mic input from an analog microphone module built inside the percussion. Both EPSs are powered by a two 2x18650 fast charger power bank each. I used 5m of RGBW SK6812 30led/m which were attached inside the instrument in a spiral form in a flexible led profile. The other ESP32 is attach to the bottom trolley which carries the instrument. It receives the mic data via UDP, however as you can see from the video it sometimes gets out of sync.

It was a really difficult project as it required an incredible amount of very diverse skills. The code part and platformio ended up being the smallest headache compared to the effort needed to put all this together in an instrument :slight_smile:

The main ESP32 is enclosed in a small box with LiPo battery Encoded Rotary and Display:

When I had almost done everything I realised that the majority of effects are designer for 2d installation and nothing much really for 1D or cylinder shape (which is indeed very rare!). As a result the color patterns are a bit lost while playing behind the drum skin. If you have any ideas for effects that would serve this geometry please recommend.
I would like to thank all WLEDers for the incredible amount of work that had to be done for this unique open source project. You are amazing!

Nice project.
On effects: I have some arrays that are concentric rings of equally angularly spaced LEDs. For effects on these, I’ve been told that led mapping is the way to go, but the geometry doesn’t map well.
So I’m working on a solution using a polar coordinate to index mapping usermod, and hopefully integrate with existing 2D effects (if not, roll my own).