Anyone do a bicycle project for kids? I think I have a good grasp on the LED part, but what are people using for mobile batteries? a 5v LiPo or standard alkaline cells? Any input would be appreciated.

There is a power banks with USB-C connectors which can deliver 5V 2.4A. So you can use approximately 40-80 LED strip and have fun :slight_smile: Just don’t forget to limit to 2400 mAmps in settings to prevent disaster.

Thanks! I’ll do a search. guess I’ll need to stick to the frame. I’d like to do something for the wheels.

For wheels it’s kind of complicated because they in motion and difficult to mount and tight them to wheel. But frame is more doable.

This looks nice and the price reflects it:
This is less pricey, but less capable:

Yeah, the POV stuff looks cool but from what I understand not so good for little kids bikes. You need to be going fast for them to get good results.

I used the $7 5v phone chargers from walmart. The are small enough to carry more than one but they last a good while. The bike on the right has 115 leds. I used the WS2812B and ESP8266. These bikes are bright, they get tons of attention when we ride.