Cable diameter

Hi all,
in my first project i have used 0,75mm for the data cable and 2,5mm for the 5V and GND cables.

I personally found it hard to solder the 2,5mm cables as they are thick for those small led soldering points.

Did you also already used 2,5 mm cables and have problems with soldering?

Or did you solder a thinner cable and then connect it to the 2,5 mm?
If yes does this work without having voltage drop?

Thanks everybody

All depends on your LED quantity. In general thick cables usually not soldering but crimping or splicing with splice connectors.

I am not sure how you will connect spliced or crimped cables to the led strip?
Perhaps i did not understood what you mean?

I do understand what you ask. First of all power wire you run as power bus. Connection to strip in injection point you can do with short piece of smaller gauge wire from your bus wire. It’s called “T” splice or connection.

:slight_smile: this is what i want to know if it makes sense to solder a thinner cable and connect it to the bigger cable, i think your answer is yes, but just to get sure , my point is abut the voltage drop, is there any if the thn cable is only a few centimeter?

If you ok to solder then it’s ok to tap to bus line with smaller gauge, only length of tap wire should be as short as possible.

how long is the LED strip and how many leds per meter?
I was able to use 0.75 wire at 5 meters strip/60 Leds per meter without any problems. I had connected the wire parallel to the power of the LED strip itself.

Hi George also 5 Meter 60 LED per Meter. I always connect the LED to the Controller Board Power out. Controller Board has a Level shifter on it.