Can someone explain the clock types single digit and cronixie?

Hello all,

I was just playing around with the clock functions on 0.8.6 and I am trying to figure out what the single digit clock and the cronixie clocks are. I understand the analog one, but the others escape me. (I am familiar with nixie clocks and I am assuming that maybe if you arranged the string in a certain way it might mean something, but just looking at a linear string doesn’t make sense.

I can’t find any mention of these things in the documentation.



Those modes are only useful with very specific hardware :slight_smile:
Single digit clock will light up the leds 0-9. Combined with an overlay or plexiglas, this can be used to display the time one digit at a time. I didn’t like the effect that much in the long term and it was removed from WLED in version 0.9.0 (i could make it availabe as a usermod though)

Cronixie is WLED support for this nixie-style clock kit! It looks absolutely amazing, but since probably less than 1 in 1000 WLED installations use it, I will probably remove it from the core and make it available as an usermod soon.

Thank you for the explanation! Those kits are interesting - but expensive! Does the WLED control for these provide some advantage over the ones that are included with the kits?

Yep they surely are! But you get what you pay for - 120 LEDs on custom PCBs and 60 nice plexiglass cutouts.
WLED is a huge improvement, the provided controller has no effects but rainbow and wireless control is also not possible (they can be reprogrammed easily using the very interesting but proprietary LEDBasic language, but the mcu used does not support wifi)

I have a Chronnixie. It’s a cool clock.
Can you pint me in a direction for using WLED with it?

Just remove the LED basic controller from it, solder a JST 3-pin connector to a D1 mini running WLED, and enable Cronixie in the time settings :slight_smile:

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Would it be possible to get the 7 segment clocks added. I know there is a pull request for one.I compiled it with thoes file and it’s having lots of issues.there is not really a good software out there with all the feachures as WLED has.

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I also am trying to do this… No luck since any info on this topic is pretty much non existent. Sucks I’ll likely be stuck with a home full of WLED and a clock that has to run an arduino library for my 7 segment. Total bummerrrrrr

This Usermod looks like it does what you’re looking for.

Hi. In the time&macro menu of WLED 0.14.0-b1 (build 2212222) there is only an option for analog clock, not an option for Cronixie. Has the Cronixie option been (re)moved?