Can’t change the led count! On existing working strips

For some reason I can’t change the led count. I rebooted app and device. Turned all nodes off. Stiff can’t change. What stupid thing am I missing.

Running 8266 nodes and beta 4. Never have noticed this before.

Refashed it and still can’t change count. :frowning:

I have 12 nodes. 11 of them have strings Of 50. I can’t change any of of the 11. I have 1 node with 123 pixels. That’s the sync master. I can change that one only. All running b4

Depending on the version you are running, this field it not editable. Look down below under LED outputs.

Latest b4. The one with 123 is b3. I thought I flashed them all at the same time. Ah, so I can change it here?

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Yup, the total is automagically calculated from the sum of all configured strips.

Ok. Perfect. That works!