Can Tapo TPlink L930-5 be used with WLED?

I have a lot of led strips Tapo L930-5 left from a previous project. Would they work with WLED? If so do you guys have a controller recommendation?

Looking to connect about 50’ together

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You can just guess. Give it a try with any WLED compatible controller with level shifter. It might work if IC on a strip is supported by WLED.

What markings are on the IC itself?

Did you ever get this working?

I have just got my first controller flashed and attempted a test run and it was not overly successful heh. The leds did come on but not as expected.

EDIT: Working
So I have Tapo L930 RGBW+IC strips

+12v Di - are the pins
WLed config SK6812/SW2814 RGBW
mA/LED30mA 12v
GPIO is board dependent, mine is on 2 (what didn’t help me was having a misprinted board, had gnd on cmd)
Auto Calculate white channel from RGB - Accurate
Colour order override - Order BRG swap W & G