Can LED strip from TP-Link Tapo L920-5 be used?

I have 5 meters that would be a waste to not use, can I use it with WLED? I dont know what type of LEDs it has, I only know they are addressable in pairs of three and runs on 12 volt. 5 meters of 30 LEDs per meter gives 50 addressable sections. I have connected the strip to WLED and just did some trail and error, but no success.

Link to the product:

PS: I have strips of WS2812B and WS2815 working great.

It looks initially like it would be likely to work.

You’ll want to make sure you feed data in from the correct end as there is a proper direction for data flow.
Other than that you’ll need to choose the correct data protocol, usually WS281x.

It’s not clear from the pictures how the contacts are actually labelled.
We might be able to give you more information with better pictures.

I might need to double check the power wiring later. Should be the right end, I think.

From that pic I would say +12V and N are power, DI would be Data In (from the ESP32) and - is possibly Backup Data (BI). That would make the strip a WS2815 style device, and the initial BI line is grounded or even left open.

WiIl it connect with WLED? I’ve downloaded app on my iPhone but I’m not sure if I’m doing anything wrong or it’s not going to work.

You need an ESP based device to run the WLED software. The app you load on your phone or tablet is just to talk to the WLED software via WiFi (you can also use a simple web browser). The ESP boards are typically pretty cheap. Checkout Getting Started in the KB.

Thanks, Divsys I will order an ESP32 board and flash WLED and after some research I’ve decided to use female to female jumper cables to connect strip with ESP32. I will also give an update for others if it’s successful.

One thing to watch out for when doing addressable LEDs:

Power comes from your power supply, and needs appropriate wiring.
Data comes from your Data supply (MCU) and needs appropriate wiring.
Appropriate wiring for power is not the same as that for data and vice versa.

Those small F-F jumper cables might be OK to test short data runs, but they won’t carry much power.
They’re also prone to poor connections over time causing all types of intermittent weirdness.

Did you have any luck with this? I want to try it out as well since i can t find any other addresable light strips in my area and this is the last resort

I just tried and it works with esp32. It works with ws271x configuration.

I am also new to this and I am trying to do the same thing with my leftover Tapo strips…
Can I ask what is a ws271x configuration mean?
Are you able to provide a step by step procedure as to what wires go where to the esp32 and power source and what settings on wled did you use?
Many Thanks

I was wondering if this worked for you

Removed original part of the post as it will probably just confuse xD

Final edit: Got it, thank you Jinx, color swapping fixed the last of my problems <3

So I have Tapo L930 RGBW+IC strips
+12v Di - are the pins
Led config SK6812/SW2814 RGBW
mA/LED30mA 12v
GPIO is board dependent, mine is on 2 (what didn’t help me was having a misprinted board, had gnd on cmd)
Auto Calculate white channel from RGB - Accurate
Colour order override - Order BRG swap W & G


Maybe try SK6812 you may need to play with the color order and the white channel swap.

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