Cannot find NpbWrapper.h

Hi All,

Sorry for the basic question. I am experimenting with analog LEDs and from my searches it says to amend NpbWrapper.h, but I cannot find this file. What am I missing?



Hi ,
Although NpbWrapper.h is mentioned here Compile WLED - WLED Project , like you I could not find it in v0.13.0-b7 when compiling in pio so I guess someone decided to change the way it is used without documenting the same but still found it in v0.13.0-b6 master .

There is no need to modify anything. Analog LEDs have been supported via the UI for a while now. :wink:

A year of development. :wink:

No longer any need to change code for that.

Yes guys we all get that from discord but there should be a word like Note: this page is now out of date on the wled page mentioned above . Others reading that page will assume it is still used . I also found on wled site a video from Qunidor having reference to NpbWrapper.

You are welcome to update it. After all, everything is community supported and open source.
Just fork WLED docs, modify and make PR.

Fair enough ,might be better then nagging about it , I made one to test

If this goes well then I can keep updating other docs as I read them

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