ESP32dev with P9813 led driver and analog strips

I have read the related posts about P9813 support, but I couldn’t find the define for P9813 in NpbWrapper.h . In fact the only NpbWreapper.h file when I clone the repo is in usermods/Multistrip. I thought it should be under wled00 directory. I git cloned form GitHub - Aircoookie/WLED: Control WS2812B and many more types of digital RGB LEDs with an ESP8266 or ESP32 over WiFi! . Do I maybe need a different version of WLED?
I’m trying to do a sunrise/sunset simutation for my aquarium lighting. I have 1 analog rgb striip, 1 cold white, and one warm white strip, also 2 of these P9813 modules, and one esp32dev board. I need 5 outputs, how do I configure the pins? Anyone have any ready macros?
Thanks in advance.

Please don’t post in multiple times for the same issue.

If you’re running a recent version (V0.13.0-b6) compile is no longer necessary.
You can choose P9813 when you add a LED output under Config-LED Preferences.
It will give you spots to configure the 2 required GPIO’s
You can also add PWMRGB and/or PWMW for your analog strip(s) and pick the required GPIO(s).

You get automatic Sunrise and Sunset calculations when you enter your Lat/Lon under Config->Time & Macros->Time setup. There’s also a section called Timed Presets where you can trigger a preset based on Sunrise & Sunset and offset the time by up to +/- 65000 minutes.

Thanks @divsys . I didn’t realize that the discord system was connected to this forum.
Many thanks for the detailed answer. Is there a tutorial or link you can share, which shows how to timed dimming of each channel seperately.
The scenario I would like to do is similiar to the graph shown here in step 2:

The way Presets work in WLED is they save a snapshot of what you configure for your strip colours and brightness. There’s also a transition time you can apply to set how long it takes to move from one preset to the next. On top of that there’s the concept of Playlists that allow you to sequence a set of predefined presets, again with transition times between.

Looking quickly at the lighting graph in your example, you’d manually setup the lighting points around the “changes” as presets and link them as a playlist. The whole thing could be triggered via the Sunrise/Sunset time macros which match the real world times.

Lot’s of tools in WLED, I’d suggest you flash a v 0.13.0-b6 and start playing…

Thanks for that too. I’m already on 0.13.0-b6. The problem I’m having with presets is the 65sec limit. Playlists also behave similiarly. I need to go from black to daylight (and 60% brightness) in 30 minutes.
I saw that there’s a sunrise setting in led settings. And I also did a search here, but everything I found was from earlier versions describing solutions with macros which are obsolete now? Thanks for the help.

Ok looks like your hitting the transition time limits. Unfortunately those times are currently coded as max 65536 ms (65 secs you noted). The best work around I know of, without getting into HomeAssistant or some other external driver ,is the API and the Night Light feature.

Night Light is designed to fade out the strip over a setting of up to 255 minutes. It also has a “Sunrise” mode that will let you fade in a strip. You can find the basic configuration under Config->LED Preferences->Timed Light->Mode.

If you check the API docs, this is can also be set within a Preset by typing in the JSON commands directly. Gives you lots of options although it’s can be cumbersome to get right.