Fishtank lighting


Just wanted to share a new easy project i have been working on for those who apart from WLED, have fishkeeping as a hobby.

In my aquarium, i have 2 lights, one is the main/day light that is an out of the box WRB LED light capable to provide sufficient light for plant groth, but this project focuses on the night light that turns on after the day light shuts down. The idea here is to replace the LED strip from the night light (previously a simple RGB strip) with addressable LEDs. Parts used:

  • WS2812B LED Strip. I purchased this item.
  • A NodeMCU flashed with WLED
  • An old LED Aquarium light (this will be opened and LED will be replaced).

I had the luck to have an old LED light that was not glued at the ends so could normally open and disassemble the strip from it. Closing it back resulted in very good sealing ensuring no water or drops end up on the WS2812B which was not waterproof. You can get a waterproof addressable LEDs but it would be more difficult to fit in the light tube.

After that, it’s all about flashing the NodeMCU and program it. I have created 2 segments in order to have different colour on each side of the tank that allowed me to simulate dawn or dusk. After creating my presets, putting 2 playlists (one for sunrise and one for sunset) in place did the trick. Finally, using home assistant, i trigger the playlists depending on the sunset time in my location.

I have created a video with the results. Hope you enjoy:

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