Planet / Orb light

Used the brilliant WLED to make this globe light (I like finding effects & colours that mimic planets). Customized the table lamp to do it, ensuring I can get the LED in on a frame that is as full as possible, but not too close to the glass. I’ve used this technique also for hanging pendant lights, an outside lantern with IP67 strips and an internal globe light.

Video of a sequence of presets - Custom LED globe with WLED & IKEA FADO table lamp - YouTube

Standard setup.



  • WLED - open source (free) project by Aircookie
    Code flashed over USB to the NodeMCU

  • WLED android app

  • Home Assistant
    Using the Home Assistant WLED integration makes it easy to control the WLED strips from the wall tablets.


Remove the internal bulb fitting from the lamp and pull through the Live & Neutral wires into WAGO connectors. Make an internal frame for the LED strip to stick to - I glued cardboard layers together, with double-sided carpet tape on top, hollowed the bottom so it fits on top of the lamp fitting. Add the LED strip, I made mine in a simple spiral. Wire everything together.

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How far away are the LEDs from the diffuser? They look close and I wouldn’t expect to see somewhat a hint of individual LEDs