Issue with PWM compile 0.11.0

Hi there!

I try to hook up dumb PWM strips to a ESP8266.
in NpbWrapper.h I uncommented
#define WLED_USE_ANALOG_LEDS //Uncomment for using “dumb” PWM controlled LEDs (see pins below, default R: gpio5, G: 12, B: 15, W: 13)

When I try to compile (a out-of-the-box compile works great) I get the error:
sketch\FX_fcn.cpp: In member function ‘void WS2812FX::setRgbwPwm()’:
FX_fcn.cpp:931:7: error: ‘color’ was not declared in this scope
if (color == _analogLastColor && b == _analogLastBri) return;
FX_fcn.cpp:951:22: error: ‘color’ was not declared in this scope
_analogLastColor = color;
exit status 1
‘color’ was not declared in this scope

Do I have to uncomment something else?

(BTW how can I put my wifi credentials in the source code, to have them set up for the first boot? wled.h? Client SSID?)

Thank you!

EDIT: I compile under Windows 10 with the Arduino IDE

I’m showing that line as…

if (c == _analogLastColor && b == _analogLastBri) return;


_analogLastColor = c;

Thank you! That did the trick! But that was out of the zip file code…
Christmas present can be finished for my dad!

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I can confirm that analog compilation was broken in 0.11.0 and only fixed later in master. Sorry for the inconvenience :slight_smile:


Thank you for the awesome software!

What do mean? That it will be fixed in master? I just downloaded the source code again (the zip) and its still broken in there.

You mean, you cannot get it to compile after doing it twice? For some reason, the first compile sets up dependencies which allow it to compile the 2nd time.

Yes, thats correct. Tried it 3 times.

Hi, no it IS fixed :slight_smile: are you sure you downloaded master and not the 0.11.0 release zip? You can also use the 0.11.1 zip, which already has it fixed.

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Oh dang, nope… Sorry, apparently I grabbed the zip -.-
Thank you very very much!!!

I wish you Merry Christmas! Relax, take your time and enjoy the days!

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