Check time at boot

Hi all… I was looking to see if there is a way to check the time at boot and then run a preset if time condition is met.
Use cases: a) using it on my motorcycle. But since the power to bike is shut when not riding, would like to auto turn on if time is after specific time of day. (When dark outside)
B) auto turn on if you loose power in home (blackout, brownout, circuit breaker pops) but again not when its light outside. )


This has come up a bunch of times and in general the consensus (so far) has been that it’s outside of what WLED is best at. There are a number of external interfaces that can make this type of thing work better though.

A) For the “dark outside on my bike” scenario you’re probably better off adding a variable resistor photocell as an input to control a preset.

B) Home use leans into home automation setups that have way more capability for this type of thing than WLED by itself. Homeassistant is popular, very powerful and can handle of vast array of scenarios (it’s also what I use).

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