Config Restore not working

I have 40 WLED controllers to configure so I thought I would use the Configuration backup/restore.

I am doing this from a desktop using Chrome. The backup creates a json file in my downloads. I have examined the file and it has the settings I expected.

When I bring up a new controller and do a configuration restore I can find the backup file, upload it, and then save and reconnect. I expected to be sent to the WLED-AP for the WiFi credentials, but instead it rebooted with the same configuration as before.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

What version are you running?
Have you tried a different browser, eg. FireFox?
Chrome should be fine, but worth eliminating a variable.

When you load a cfg.json configuration file that does not change the WifI info in WLED.
The WiFi data is not saved in the cfg (on purpose).

Are you sure you’re not actually getting the new config?
Try changing the LED specs to 157 LEDs, and hit Save.
Load your cfg.json and check to see if the specs change to the expected number.

Try to power cycle the controller